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Recently Published

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February 2018

Central Banks (Alex Cukierman)
Constitutionalism (Emily Zackin)
Exploitation (Benjamin Ferguson)
Freedom of Speech (Jonathan Riley)
How Gender Intersects with Political Violence and Terrorism (Candice Ortbals, Lori Poloni-Staudinger)
Parliaments (Roger D. Congleton)
Poland and the European Union (Ireneusz Paweł Karolewski, Maciej Wilga)
Policy and Organizational Termination (Christian Adam, Michael W. Bauer)
Political Parties and Candidate Selection (Gideon Rahat, William P. Cross)
Rational Choice Institutionalism and European Integration (Gerald Schneider, Anastasia Ershova)
Reconceptualizing Field Research (Diana Kapiszewski, Lauren M. MacLean, Benjamin L. Read)
Regional Integration Theory (Frank Schimmelfennig)
Violence, Politics, and Gender (Gabrielle S. Bardall)

December 2017

Civil Service Systems (Vainius Smalskys, Jolanta Urbanovič)
Libertarianism (Bas Van Der Vossen)
Neofunctionalism (Arne Niemann)
Politicians with Disabilities: Challenges and Choices (Sally Friedman, Richard K. Scotch)

November 2017

Climate Change and Justice (Christopher Armstrong)

October 2017

Foreign Policy Change (Spyros Blavoukos, Dimitris Bourantonis)
Foundations of Power Transition Theory (Ronald L. Tammen, Jacek Kugler, Douglas Lemke)
Suicide Terrorism Theories (Susanne Martin, Ami Pedahzur)
The Logics of Systemic Theory (Bear F. Braumoeller, Benjamin Campbell)

September 2017

Akamatsu Waves (Arno Tausch, Leonid Grinin, Andrey Korotayev)
American Pragmatism in Foreign Policy Analysis (Ulrich Franke, Gunther Hellmann)
Domestic Politics and Foreign Policy (Binnur Ozkececi-Taner)
Feminism in Foreign Policy (Kristen P. Williams)
Geopolitics, Geography, and War (Christopher J. Fettweis)
Leaders and Foreign Policy: Surveying the Evidence (Stephen Benedict Dyson, Thomas Briggs)
Managing Internationalized Civil Wars (Erin K. Jenne, Milos Popovic)
Marxism in Foreign Policy (Benno Teschke, Steffan Wyn-Jones)
Nationalism and Foreign Policy (Harris Mylonas, Kendrick Kuo)
Negotiation in Foreign Policy (Kristopher Ramsay)
Non-state Actors and Foreign Policy (Frank A. Stengel, Rainer Baumann)
Peacekeeping as a Tool of Foreign Policy (Maline Meiske, Andrea Ruggeri)
Power, Institutions, and Issues as Causes of Conflict (Michael Masterson, Jessica L. P. Weeks)
Quantitative Methods in Foreign Policy (Micah Dillard, Jon C.W. Pevehouse)
Simulation and ABM in Foreign Policy (Ravi Bhavnani, David Sylvan)
State Leaders and Foreign Policy (Jeff Carter, Giacomo Chiozza)
The Effectiveness of Peacekeeping Operations (Jessica Di Salvatore, Andrea Ruggeri)
Think Tanks and Foreign Policy (Lars Brozus, Hanns W. Maull)
War Termination (Carmela Lutmar, Lesley Terris)

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